TRNE’s America’s Morning News Adds Extra Hour and New Markets for 2015

Central Point, OR – Talk Radio Network Entertainment is proud to announce a number of new affiliates who have added America’s Morning News to their roster of excellent News Talk programming.

These new affiliates will bring the number of affiliates to 165 stations.
New affiliate stations include:

Iorio Broadcastings’ News Talk 1320 WJAS, Pittsburgh,
iheartMedias’ News Talk 1440, KFNY, Riverside,
Beasley Broadcastings’ KDWN AM 720, Las Vegas,
Compass Broadcasting’s News Talk 1680, KGED AM, Fresno,
Gerard Schroeder’s News Talk 790, WPNN, Pensacola,
iHeartMedia’s KMJM AM 1360, Cedar Rapids,
Intermart Broadcastings’ WNZF AM/FM, Daytona Beach,
Rutherford Groups’ WGNS AM/FM, Murfreesboro (Nashville)
KGGF-KUSN, Inc.’s KGGF AM 690, Coffeyville (Tulsa)
David Barters’ WRTA AM 1240, Altoona, PA
Bicoastal Media’s News Radio 1440, KMED, Medford,
And Heartlands 4-cluster group including WERL AM 950, Eagle River, WI, WATW AM 1440, Ashland, WI, WFER AM 1230, Iron River, WI and AM 980, WPFP, Park Falls, WI.

We are very proud of our morning news offering, and its growth is a testament to its quality.

CEO Mark Masters says he warmly welcomes these great affiliates who will help bring in the new year, “America’s Morning News continues to deliver a great product every morning to over 160 markets across the U.S., including markets like San Francisco (Cumulus Media’s KSFO AM 560), Seattle (Bonnevilles’ KTTH AM 770) and San Diego (KFMB AM 760). We are very proud of our morning news offering, and its growth is a testament to its quality.”

America’s Morning News also added a 4th hour of content and now airs 5am to 9am (Eastern) and is hosted by broadcaster radio veteran Matt Ray.

For more information contact Talk Radio Network Entertainment at (888) 383-3733

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