Statement on Jerry Doyle’s Death

Talk Radio Network Enterprises (“TRNE”) and America’s Talk Network (“ATN”) regret to announce that our friend and colleague, Jerry Doyle, the host of The Jerry Doyle Show, produced by ATN and distributed by TRNE, passed away unexpectedly during the night of July 27th-28th, at his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. We do not have further details at this time.

Mark Masters, CEO of TRNE, released the following statement:

“I am stunned and saddened by the news of Jerry’s sudden death. He was a dear friend and a prince of a human being. We have worked together for over 12 years, and no host was more loyal at my side.

Jerry drew on his life experiences in Hollywood, on Wall Street, in politics and in business to bring a truly unique perspective and insight to The Jerry Doyle Show. He was a soulful, engaging and fascinating personality, both with his radio audience and with all who worked with him. He will be sorely missed by all of us.

Michael Straczynski, the stellar producer and writer of Babylon 5, in which Jerry starred, wrote a moving tribute to Jerry that no one can better. It is published in the website for Epic Times, which Jerry founded, and should be read by all.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family for their loss, which sadly follows the recent death of his mother.”

ATN and TRNE will continue to produce and distribute The Jerry Doyle Show to our affiliate stations using guest hosts while we honor Jerry and focus on celebrating his remarkable life. We will defer decisions and announcements on the necessary permanent programming changes for the Show until after this appropriate interval to remember, and mourn, our friend, Jerry Doyle.

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