Advice Line with Roy Masters

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About Roy Masters

More than a talk host, Roy Masters is also a listen host. From coast to coast his show has touched and brought life-changing courage to millions, including such diversely famous fans as the late John Wayne and Internet journalist Matt Drudge.

Roy speaks with the enchanting accent of his British boyhood, and with the crystal clarity and flashing brilliance of the diamonds he polished as a young craftsman.

His show helps people understand and reclaim control over their own lives. Millions more have seen or heard Roy Masters on shows such as CNN’s “Crossfire,” “Sally Jesse Raphael,” Fox News Channel’s “Drudge Report”, Sean Hannity’s WABC Show, and CNN’s ‘Larry King Live.” Many others have found their lives changed by reading one or more of his 15 best-selling books, which include How Your Mind Can Keep You Well?, Surviving the Comfort Zone, The Secret Power of Words, and How to Conquer Negative Emotions.

America’s most beloved radio referee in the battle of the sexes, Roy attracts both men and women with his incisive understanding, clear advice, charming humor, deep passion, bedrock values, and sometimes-shocking honesty and frankness. He has a magnetic gift for attracting and holding listener attention.

Roy is also Director and Founder of the Foundation of Human Understanding. For over 45 years the guiding force behind the FHU and its mission to provide support to anyone searching for personal and spiritual guidance.