Senator Scott Brown on Lindsay Lohan

The following interview with John McCaslin and Amy Holmes of America’s Morning News was picked up by Huffington Post, Atlantic Monthly, USA Today, and even Sean Hannity. Senator Scott Brown is the republican from Massachusetts who shocked the world when he replaced the late Ted Kennedy. ┬áSen. Scott Brown commented on how much he’s pondered the troubled career of Lindsay Lohan, speaking on Talk Radio Network’s America’s Morning News, partnered with The Washington Times. In his new book, Brown admits that when he was a kid, he got in trouble for shoplifting, a charge that landed Lohan in court this month.

“I think about her a lot. And I often say, you know what, I wish I could have, like, 10 minutes with her and just sit her down and talk to her and say … you know, ’cause who doesn’t remember her in The Parent Trap, this incredible movie, this bright young actress with this bright young life? And now all of the things you read about her, you feel badly. You just want to kinda go out and just talk to her and say, you know, ‘You can do better and be better.’

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