Mid-East Expert and Journalist Claire Berlinksi Explains on AMN Why Everyone Should Care About Egypt

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Co-Anchors John McCaslin and Amy Holmes recently interviewed Mid-East expert and journalist Claire Berlinksi for her perspective on Egypt.

When asked why we should care about the Egyptian conflict, Berlinski replied, “These are events of massive historical proportion, these are probably the most historical events since the fall of the Berlin Wall and they will clearly affect every single American.”

Berlinski pointed out, “This is not an Islamist driven uprising, this is an uprising driven by years of popular rage, with years and years of corruption, economic stagnation, and frustration.” She continued, “The only organized opposition to the Mubarak government and the army is the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Berlinski expanded on the Muslim Brotherhood taking hold, “There is a possibility…that we are looking at a night of darkness descending from the Nile to the Indus. That possibility should have every American thinking that, ‘I really need to follow this story’…”

In closing, John McCaslin quotes, “And as Claire Berlinski writes…many of the people now protesting in Egypt, want what every American takes as a birthright and that’s democracy, dignity, rule of law, and civil rights…”

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