Famed Robert Davi to Replace Jerry Doyle, Nationwide

Not since Orson Wells or Frank Sinatra has there been a talent so unique, that he brings together theatrics, culture, politics and music into a nexus of sheer on-air brilliance.  Unique, unpredictable and powerful: This is Robert Davi, a man born for radio, with a deep faith and love for America.  Yet he is a man that has stared in over 140 major film roles; a world renowned singer; but was also voted as FBI’s Man of the Year Award in Los Angeles, noted as ‘sexiest man alive on film and TV’ by over 3 million women for his roles. Says Mark Masters, CEO of TRN Enterprises, “I’d ask you all, as the individual who built or rebuilt 8 of the 10 largest syndicated radio shows in America, to watch the attached video on Robert Davi here:

“Then listen to the unscoped link to yesterday’s Davi Show here:

“For I believe, with everything in my bones, that The Robert Davi Show will be the most successful show I have ever launched, and, if you don’t believe me – you can stick it your pipe and smoke it: you’ve got one shot at this show – take it while you can”, says Masters.

Robert Davi brings a widely recognized background in entertainment, music and American culture, along with clear perspectives on the problems facing America, to the airwaves. Says Masters, “Robert is irreverent, endlessly funny, yet always keeps you on the edge of your seat – he makes the speakers disappear, and in radio this ability is rare beyond jewels”.

His acting legacy includes a plethora of major roles, such as memorable villains, including the Columbian drug lord in the Bond film License to Kill, (which he is recognized as one of the 3 top Bond villains of all time).  Other outstanding performances in films and television include Showgirls, Die Hard, The Goonies, Kill the Irishman, The Iceman, Profiler, CSI:  Crime Scene Investigation, Without a Trace, Law and Order:  Criminal Intent, Criminal Minds, the latest installment of The Expendables, Stargate Atlantis, and over 130 other films.

Aside from being widely recognized as an acclaimed actor, with over 140 film and television roles, Robert is also a world-renowned singer.  His voice is filling arenas and theaters all over the world.  His first album, Davi sings Sinatra:  On the Road to Romance, has been recognized as #6 on Billboard Magazine’s top ten traditional jazz chart. Quincy Jones calls him the best interpreter of the Sinatra Songbook.

Along with that, a new documentary called, Davi’s Way, directed by award winning Tom Donahue and produced by Creative Chaos, will be released later this year. It follows Robert traveling the world and his performing.

Robert is also a successful producer, director and writer.  He produced, directed, co-wrote and starred in The Dukes, for which he was awarded Best First Time Director and Best Screenplay at the Monte Carlo Festival of Comedy.

Robert is also active in numerous public service organizations and charities, and he has received multiple awards for his public service activities.  From its inception in 1998, Robert has been the National Spokesperson for I-Safe America, regarded by many experts as the nation’s most complete Internet safety program, available in grades K-12 in all 50 states.

His many awards include the FBI’s Man of the Year Award in Los Angeles, the “Military Order of the Purple Heart”, a Special Recognition Award for dedication and service honoring America’s service members and veterans, and, perhaps most notably, was named KNX Radio’s “Citizen of the Week” for saving a young girl from a fire at her home.

Announcements concerning the name of the Show and related matters will follow in due course.

Mark Masters, CEO of both Companies, stated:  “We continue to mourn the loss of Jerry Doyle, who truly can never be replaced.  We do, however, welcome the powerhouse unique presence, talent and perspectives that Robert Davi brings to this role.  I sincerely believe that this is a situation in which the passing of one legend is resulting in the launch of a new legend in the making.”

About The Author:

Founded in 1993, the Talk Radio Network companies are a juggernaut in long-form talk syndication, eclipsing all other syndicators in the launch and development of successful long-form syndicated radio talk programs.

  • azsundevil

    Listened to Robert Davi podcast. Gotta say he’s a natural. I’m definitely going to be a listener.

  • George G. Edwards ☀️

    Bravo, Robert! Poignant. Necessary.

  • Disruptive Element

    He’s an insomniacs dream at 3am. Really happy he has taken over for Jerry Doyle.

  • Alexander Smith has yet to add the show in their search engine. I caught the show today on tunein after the Sean Hannity show. I’d like to add it to my favorites but Mark Levine is listed as the host on tunein’s website. Robert Davi had a very interesting post first debate program tonight, with some very interesting insights.

  • cheryllynn

    Started to listen last week and like the program. He has a very soothing voice and a great point of view. Would like to hear him sing more. Hope he continues.

  • Jame Schumacher

    I like him too. But why did Jerry Doyle get the sack?

    • Jerry W Hawkins

      He died.