America’s Morning News Reaches Milestone; Over 75 Affiliates in Less Than 10 Months

Washington, D.C. – Talk Radio Network Entertainment and The Washington Times announce that America’s Morning News has attained a milestone in growth, reaching over 75 affiliates in just 10 months on the air, adding a whopping 39 affiliates in recent months. America’s Morning News, a nationally syndicated morning-drive radio show collaboration between Talk Radio Network Entertainment and The Washington Times, is the leading source for breaking news coverage on radio.

America’s Morning News (AMN) features an innovative new format aimed at showcasing investigative reporting, accountability journalism and live reporting directly from the nation’s capital. In just a short time, AMN has cleared 10 of America’s top 25 rated markets, with 75 markets so far.

Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network Entertainment says, “America’s Morning News is the direct result of a close relationship with Talk Radio Network Entertainment, The Washington Times and all of our valued syndication partners, and we are ahead of schedule in securing additional stations.” He continues by saying, “Working together, we’ve developed a next generation talk radio program that is rapidly gaining national audience share. Our collaboration with The Washington Times has positioned America’s Morning News for an audience hungry for this unique and innovative blend of content.”

“America’s Morning News is a great example of a leading news organization joining forces with a leading broadcast organization to provide radio listeners with the best combination of content and delivery,” says Michael Harrison, Publisher of Talker’s Magazine, the leading talk radio industry publication.

“America’s Morning News is a big part of The Washington Times mission to deliver vital information and insight for people who want our government and other institutions held to the highest standards of accountability,” says Washington Times President and Publisher, Jonathan Slevin. “It is also an important way for us to reach new audiences through innovative, multimedia platforms.” Recent additions to the America’s Morning News growing list of affiliates include: WLVJ, Miami; WBCN, Charlotte, NC; KDOX, Las Vegas, NV; WCLT, Newark, OH; KJCE, Austin, TX; WFDM, Indianapolis, IN; KQTH, Tucson, AZ; KERN, Bakersfield, CA; WFBL and WMCR; Syracuse, NY; KDXE, Little Rock, AR; KXLY, Spokane, WA; WLRT, Lexington, KY; KVOL, Lafayette, LA; WKWN, Chattanooga, TN; WPNN, Pensacola, FL; WICO, Salisbury-Ocean City, MD; WLMC, Myrtle Beach, SC; KZAP, Chico, CA; KBBO, Yakima, WA; KSMX. Santa Maria, CA; KCNR, Redding, CA; WBCF-FM, Florence-Muscle Shoals, AL; KMLB, Monroe, LA; WHUB, Cookeville, TN; KBHS, Hot Springs, AR; WNSH, Beverly, MA; WTHU, Thurmont, MD; WEGP, Presque Isle, ME; KDWA, Hastings, MN; KPNS, Duncan, OK; WCNX, Hope Valley, RI; WDBL, Springfield, TN; WHAP, Hopewell, VA; KFLS, Klamath Falls, OR; KULE, Ephrata, WA and WVOP, Vidalia, GA.

New affiliates are already talking about AMN and the show’s ability to break stories as they happen on a near-daily basis. Here is what they are saying. DJ Stout, Program Director, WBCN, Charlotte, NC says, “America’s Morning News has been a huge hit in Charlotte. The feedback has been great. With it being a fairly new show, it didn’t have the name recognition of some of our other shows but has quickly become a huge part of our lineup.” “America’s Morning News is not your typical, run-of-the-mill news show. It has given our station a fresh, vibrant sound during morning drive, and its flexibility allows us to easily integrate our own local elements,” says Stephan Kerr, Program Director, KJCE, Austin, TX.

Jeremy Bialek, Operation Manager, WFDM, Indianapolis says, “We finally have the option of a solid, network quality show for the morning slot. America’s Morning News allows us to be live with the latest in more than just politics and on a national scale. We all know newspapers are out and conservative talk is in. America’s Morning News provides everything but the coffee for our listeners’ morning commute.”

Andrew Lee, Program Director, KQTH, Tucson, AZ says, “If you’re looking for a fast-paced, informative and relevant program to kick off your day, AMN is the show for you. It really sets the table for the rest of your lineup.”

Chris Squires, Former Program Director, KERN, Bakersfield, CA says, “I love running America’s Morning News on KERN. It’s an informative, fun, energetic show that generates a lot of great listener feedback. AMN & TRN rule!”

James Johnson, President, WMCR and WFBL, Syracuse, NY has this to say about America’s Morning News, “Professional, entertaining and in-depth – a perfect way to start the broadcast day to gain listener loyalty.”

“Talk Radio Network (TRN) has today’s cutting edge talent to provide Simmons with the tools necessary to compete in today’s talk radio battle,” says Craig Hanson, President, Simmons Media Group, KDXE, Little Rock, AR.

Steve Wall, Former Program Director, KXLY, Spokane, WA says, “America’s Morning News is cutting edge, innovative programming. It would be cost prohibitive to create a show here with investigative reporters. John McCaslin does an excellent job of pulling it all together as we localize it for Spokane!” “It’s fast paced, informative and in-depth on the issues of the day. Your listeners should love America’s Morning News,” says Evan Stone, Owner and General Manager, WKWN, Chattanooga, TN.

Rod Stalvey, General Manager, WLMC, Myrtle Beach, SC says, “Finally, a reliable in depth source for news in the morning on your radio instead of just that five minute news report on the top of the hour.” “America’s Morning News is a perfect fit to our already stellar line-up of news/talk programming. It is also a great lead in to our news talk morning show,” says Louis Bartelli, Program Director, KBBO, Yakima, WA. “Americas Morning News is one of the most professional sounding programs yet,” says Rob Redding, Program Director, KMLB, Monroe, LA. Tom Norris, Owner and General Manager, KIOL, Pittsburg, KS says, “As an affiliate of America’s Morning News from day one, I have to say we never cease to be impressed by the show. America’s Morning News gives our station a strong news presence in the morning and we’ve gotten many compliments from both listeners and advertisers. Keep up the great work!”

Phil Boyce, President of Programming for Talk Radio Network says, “This ground-breaking show is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on. TRN and The Washington Times are embarking on a new kind of morning radio show, where breaking news and investigative journalism is the star. There will be constant forward momentum. Listeners will wake up with us, take us to work, and then not be able to turn us off.”

John McCaslin, Host of AMN and Washington Times’ award winning journalist, says, “Talk radio successfully launched my career in journalism. Now, after two decades of proudly penning one of Washington’s most popular daily political columns, “Inside the Beltway,” I am thrilled to be seated again behind the microphone bringing the Talk Radio Network’s millions of listeners the myriad offbeat stories, scoops and shenanigans I’ve shared with readers of The Washington Times, Los Angeles Times Syndicate and Tribune Media Services.”

John McCaslin was news director and anchor for Bee Broadcasting, Inc., where for two years he co-hosted the top-rated morning-drive radio show for KJJR-AM and KBBZ-FM. He has appeared on virtually every major television and radio network – from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews to National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Sunday,” even VH1 – offering insights on the nation’s capital and its ever-changing cast of political characters. He’s been a regular substitute host for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network, Sam Donaldson on ABC Radio, Mary Matalin on CBS Radio, and Michael Reagan and Oliver North with Radio America. He has also anchored a weekly news segment on ABC-7 News in Washington, D.C.

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