America’s Morning News is Now Live on KFWB, Los Angeles; KSFO, San Francisco, and WTNT, Washington D.C. and More Stations Across the Nation

Washington, D.C. – Talk Radio Network Entertainment’s America’s Morning News is now heard live in major metro markets including: KFWB, Los Angeles; KSFO, San Francisco; WTNT, Washington, D.C.; KTTH, Seattle; KFMB, San Diego; WMGG, Tampa and many others across the country. America’s Morning News a nationally syndicated, morning-drive radio show in partnership with The Washington Times is now heard on over forty affiliates nationwide.

“KFWB is delighted to add America’s Morning News to our new talk lineup. America’s Morning News is a fast paced and aggressive look at each day’s news, with two hosts, Melanie Morgan and John McCaslin, who really know what they are talking about. It’s a perfect complement to the KFWB local news team,” says Ed Krampf, Market Manager, CBS Radio, Los Angeles. Phil Boyce, President of Programming, Talk Radio Network says, “We are delighted to form this new partnership with the team at KFWB. LA is a great talk market, and there is room for a new station with a great heritage.”

Jack Swanson at KSFO-AM, San Francisco says, “Radio’s easy when you listen. We listened to our advertisers who wanted to sponsor more news programming. We listened to the KSFO audience who wanted news that wasn’t more of the mainstream media and came from a source they could trust. America’s Morning News is a winning combination that is going to be a monster hit across the nation!”

“In a town like Washington – a city that is constantly on the go, and needs to know – America’s Morning News was a natural fit for the station. There is no other show around that has the resources of a full staff of over 150 journalists sitting right outside of their studio. When people are talking about a story – and when news is being made – America’s Morning News is there. We’re proud to be partnered with The Washington Times and we’re very excited about this endeavor,” says Chris Roth, Director of Programming, WTNT, Washington D.C.

Dave Sniff, Program Director, KFMB says, America Morning News is “Fast paced news and information with opinion! Just what my listeners want!” America’s Morning News (AMN) features an innovative new format aimed at showcasing investigative reporting, accountability journalism and live reporting directly from the Times’ newsroom inside the nation’s capital. AMN has the largest group of investigative journalists ever assembled for a nationally syndicated radio program along with Long-Time ABC, San Francisco Morning Drive Anchor Melanie Morgan who is Co-Anchoring with Award-Winning Columnist John McCaslin. AMN, talk radio’s leading source for breaking news, continues to break big stories on the show on a near-daily basis.

“The Washington Times has made a very strong commitment to investigative reporting, building a journalistic team that will be second to none. We believe this unique journalistic team, combined with radio’s ability to give the time and context needed to flesh out breaking stories will make for a powerful winning combination in talk radio. Rather than commenting on yesterday’s news, this news radio show has the capacity to make, break, and drive the news cycle. Like 60 Minutes once did for TV, this show can do for radio. We are very excited and honored to embark in this partnership with The Washington Times investigative team,” says Mark Masters, CEO, Talk Radio Network.

Phil Boyce, President of Programming for Talk Radio Network says, “This ground-breaking show is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on. TRN and our partners, The Washington Times, are embarking on a new kind of morning radio show, where breaking news and investigative journalism is the star. We have two talented hosts in Melanie and John who will keep the show flowing with riveting content and compelling information. There will be constant forward momentum. Listeners will wake up with us, take us to work, and then not be able to turn us off.”

Charter affiliates for America’s Mornings News include: KFWB, Los Angeles, CA; KSFO, San Francisco, CA; WTNT, Washington D.C.; KFMB, San Diego, CA; WMGG, Tampa, FL; KLZ, Denver, CO; KXL and KCMD, Portland, OR; WQRT, Cincinnati, OH; KOKC, Oklahoma City, OK; WYDE, Birmingham, AL; KFAQ, Tulsa, OK; KJZN, Fresno, CA; WMTY, Knoxville, TN; KIOV, Boise, ID; WIGN, Johnson City, TN; KKFT, Reno, NV; KFKA, Ft. Collins, CO; WDBT, Dothan, AL; KMED, Medford, OR; WTBC, Tuscaloosa, AL; WBCF, Florence, AL; KBLG, Billings, MT; KJJR, Kalispell, MT; WRTA, Altoona, PA; WFEB, Sylacauga, AL; KSKE, Buena Vista, CO; KVLE, Vail, CO; WCHK, Canton, GA; WXKT, Royston, GA; KCPS, Burlington, IA; KBLI, Blackfoot, ID; KBLY, Idaho Falls, ID; KIOL, Pittsburgh, KS; KAJO, Grants Pass, OR; WBRN, Big Rapids, MI; WBFD, Bedford, PA; and WMVA, Martinsville, VA.

It is no wonder that charter affiliates are already talking about America’s Morning News and the shows ability to provide breaking news to listeners nationwide.

Laura Scotti, Director of Programming, General Manager, Crawford Broadcasting for KLZ-AM, Denver and WYDE-AM, Birmingham says, “We are privileged to have America’s Morning News on WYDE. Melanie and John provide a dynamic and informative show to our listeners and we are excited about the partnership.”

“We’re thrilled to have America’s Morning News on KXL! Our listeners deserve a credible, entertaining and compelling news program and thanks to the Washington Times and TRN they now have it,” says James Derby, Director of Programming, KXL, Portland, OR.

“America’s Morning News is exactly what we needed in our morning drive at WQRT; fresh news, fast and factual. We are pleased to be able to provide America’s Morning News to our audience,” says, Jon Yinger, President CEO, WQRT, Cincinnati, OH.

“We took America’s Morning News because of the unique style that this show offers including great investigative journalism with two very experienced reporters with impeccable credentials leading the team,” says Rick Mitchell, Director of Programming, WIGN, Johnson City, TN.

Justin Sasso Owner/General Manager, KFKA, Ft. Collins, CO says “Finally an early morning program that provides live coverage of the day’s events. No more best of’s or dated re-runs, America’s Morning News is a turbo charged engine into our local morning show, giving us the edge of relevant talk and live news coverage way before our competition has wiped the sleep from their eyes.”

“I took one listen and was hooked. Live, informative, fast-paced, and fits with my station’s “feel”. So smooth you’d think Melanie and John have been doing this show for years,” says Bill Meyer, Program Director, KMED, Medford, OR. “I took America’s Morning News because the Washington Times is one of the country’s most respected news sources, the hosts are already familiar to our audience, and TRN has a continuing track record of success for our station. This type of program is needed on radio. It looks like Talk Radio Network has another winner,” says Benji Carle, General Manager, WBCF, Florence, AL.

“I took America’s Morning News because…it’s a perfect fit for our station. We need a strong morning news presence and this show will be a great way for us to establish that while still keeping an eye on our bottom line. America’s Morning News fills a big void in morning radio. There’s really nothing else like it. TRN has hit a home run with this show,” says Tom Norris, Owner and General Manager, KIOL, Pittsburgh, KS.

Matt Caesar, Program Director for WXKT, Roylston, GA says, “Someone should have done this 10 years ago!”

Anchoring the news desk for the investigative team is 23 year ABC news veteran and multiple award winning host, Melanie Morgan (who just finished a 15 year stint as anchor in morning drive on ABC’s Powerhouse, KSFO San Francisco). Melanie Morgan, Co-Anchor for America’s Morning News says, “If somebody told me a year ago that I would be engaged in a radio syndication and newspaper collaboration – I would call them crazy. But the industry has changed and we are changing with it. John McCaslin is a fantastic partner to help make, break and drive the news cycle. His insider connections in our nation’s capital, and my outsider view of government and politics brings a fresh perspective that has something for everyone. Our collective journalistic experience guarantees that you will always be entertained and informed on Washington’s Morning News show.”

At Melanie’s side is veteran broadcaster and Times’ award winning journalist John McCaslin who says, “Talk radio successfully launched my career in journalism. Now, after two decades of proudly penning one of Washington’s most popular daily political columns, “Inside the Beltway,” I am thrilled to be seated again behind the microphone — alongside the esteemed Melanie Morgan, no less — bringing the Talk Radio Network’s millions of listeners the myriad offbeat stories, scoops and shenanigans I’ve shared with readers of the Washington Times, Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and Tribune Media Services.”

Melanie Morgan has spent 33 years working for ABC TV and Radio, assigned to cover international hotspots, for which she has earned a reputation as a fearless journalist who faced many challenges, often in dangerous war time situations. For nearly 15 years, Morgan hosted a daily four-hour morning radio program on ABC’s flagship station KSFO, San Francisco, the #1 AM radio market in the country (4th largest rated market overall). In 2006, Melanie was awarded the highest honor from the Associated Press with the Mark Twain award for Best Special Program “Voices of Soldiers” while in combat zones in Iraq. Morgan is also a frequent on-air contributor on the Fox News Channel.

John McCaslin was news director and anchor for Bee Broadcasting, Inc., where for two years he co-hosted the top-rated morning-drive radio show for KJJR-AM and KBBZ-FM. He has appeared on virtually every major television and radio network — from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews to National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Sunday,” even VH1 — offering insights in the nation’s capital and its ever-changing cast of political characters. He’s been a regular substitute host for Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network, Sam Donaldson on ABC Radio, Mary Matalin on CBS Radio, and Michael Reagan and Oliver North with Radio America. He has also anchored a weekly news segment on ABC-7 News in Washington, D.C.

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