America’s Morning News Breaks Vital News Stories Live While Charter Affiliates Applaud The Show’s Success

Washington, D.C. – Talk Radio Network Entertainment’s America’s Morning News, talk radio’s leading source for breaking news, continued to break big stories on the show on a near-daily basis this month. America’s Morning News is a new nationally syndicated, morning-drive radio news show in association with The Washington Times featuring Long-Time ABC San Francisco Morning Drive Anchor Melanie Morgan and Award-Winning Columnist and Co-Anchor John McCaslin. Major news organizations across the nation are picking up the reports America’s Morning News is breaking.

Since the beginning of July, America’s Morning News has featured live interviews with important current and past government representatives and newsmakers who have used their interviews to break news, including several national-level politicians who have chosen America’s Morning News to announce their candidacy. Breaking international stories have included: announcements from the inside of Iran on murder by the mullahs, announcements from former US officials siding against President Obama and with the current Honduran government, and announcements from current government officials that recent cyber attacks against US targets can be attributed to North Korea. Here are just a few examples of the news broken on America’s Morning News over the past two weeks:

On July 13, America’s Morning News featured Liz Cheney. After responding to the breaking information regarding her father, Vice President Dick Cheney, and his involvement with CIA intelligence briefings, Liz Cheney announced that she plans to run for office. National news organizations from network TV to major newspapers to the most popular news websites picked the story up from America’s Morning News. On July 10, Democratic Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania’s 7th District came on America’s Morning News to announce his candidacy against Senator Arlen Specter for the Pennsylvania Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate. Also on July 10, Nikki Haley, who is running for the Republican nomination for Governor in South Carolina appeared on America’s Morning News. Haley, who is currently serving in the South Carolina House of Representatives, was the first Indian American Republican state legislator in the United States. America’s Morning News was the first national interview for Haley since news broke of Governor Mark Sanford’s affair.

America’s Morning News featured several important former government officials on recent shows who have officially come out against the Obama Administration and in support of the coup in Honduras including: Ambassador Roger Noriega former assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs (Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean) and a former U.S. ambassador to the Organization of American States; Ambassador Jaime Daremblum, who served as Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States from 1998 to 2004; and Ambassador Jose S. Sorzano who was the Deputy U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations from 1983 to 1985.

On July 2, Sabina Amidi, an Iranian woman who was in Tehran during the recent rioting, was a featured guest on America’s Morning News to provide information about the state of affairs in Iran. While in Iran, she secretly sent her work to the Jerusalem Post under the Iranian regime’s radar. During the show she broke the news that six Mousavi supporters reportedly have been hanged!

On July 10, Iason Athanasiadis, a Greek journalist who was freed by the Iranian government, appeared on America’s Morning News. Athanasiadis, who had been reporting for The Washington Times from inside Iran, was arrested more than two weeks ago. This was his first international interview relaying his experience. On July 9, America’s Morning News featured a live interview with ranking House Republican Congressman on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Pete Hoekstra of the 2nd District of Michigan, who broke the news that North Korea is probably behind the recent cyber attacks on the Pentagon and the White House.

On July 9, Republican House Minority Whip, Congressman Eric Cantor of the 7th District of Virginia also turned up on America’s Morning News. Congressman Cantor blasted Vice President Biden, saying that he misread the stimulus package not the economy.

Also on July 9, Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina appeared for a second time on America’s Morning News, where he called President Obama a true “Socialist President,” creating a media firestorm.

Previous guests on America’s Morning News have included: President George H.W. Bush, Vice-President Dick Cheney, Senator John McCain, Representative Michele Bachmann, and former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino And that’s just the last two weeks. It is no wonder that charter affiliates are already talking about America’s Morning News and the shows ability to provide breaking news to listeners nationwide.

Jack Swanson at KSFO-AM, San Francisco says, “Radio’s easy when you listen. We listened to our advertisers who wanted to sponsor more news programming. We listened to the KSFO audience who wanted news that wasn’t more of the mainstream media and came from a source they could trust. America’s Morning News is a winning combination that is going to be a monster hit across the nation!” “America’s Morning News is an informative show that provides valuable reporting to our listeners. We are thrilled to partner with the Washington Times on KGIL,” says Michael Levine, Station Manager, KGIL, Los Angeles.

“In a town like Washington – a city that is constantly on the go, and needs to know – America’s Morning News was a natural fit for the station. There is no other show around that has the resources of a full staff of over 150 journalists sitting right outside of their studio. When people are talking about a story – and when news is being made – America’s Morning News is there. We’re proud to be partnered with The Washington Times and we’re very excited about this endeavor,” says Chris Roth, Director of Programming, WTNT, Washington D.C.

Dave Sniff, Program Director, KFMB says, America Morning News is “Fast paced news and information with opinion! Just what my listeners want!” Laura Scotti, Director of Programming, General Manager, Crawford Broadcasting for KLZ-AM, Denver and WYDE-AM, Birmingham says, “We are privileged to have America’s Morning News on WYDE. Melanie and John provide a dynamic and informative show to our listeners and we are excited about the partnership.”

“We’re thrilled to have America’s Morning News on KXL! Our listeners deserve a credible, entertaining and compelling news program and thanks to the Washington Times and TRN they now have it,” says James Derby, Director of Programming, KXL, Portland, OR.

“America’s Morning News is exactly what we needed in our morning drive at WQRT; fresh news, fast and factual. We are pleased to be able to provide America’s Morning News to our audience,” says, Jon Yinger, President CEO, WQRT, Cincinnati, OH.

“Finally….a morning drive news show worth airing! Radio people have been clamoring for years for a morning news show with substance and relevance. America’s Morning News is perfect for stations which need a national morning drive show that has a mix of hard news and light morning personality,” says Henry Hinton Vice President/General Manager, WNBU-FM, Greenville, NC.

“We took America’s Morning News because of the unique style that this show offers including great investigative journalism with two very experienced reporters with impeccable credentials leading the team,” says Rick Mitchell, Director of Programming, WIGN, Johnson City, TN.

Justin Sasso Owner/General Manager, KFKA, Ft. Collins, CO says “America’s Morning News is sounding great, We love Melanie and John’s chemistry.” “I took one listen and was hooked. Live, informative, fast-paced, and fits with my station’s “feel”. So smooth you’d think Melanie and John have been doing this show for years,” says Bill Meyer, Program Director, KMED, Medford, OR.

“I took America’s Morning News because the Washington Times is one of the country’s most respected news sources, the hosts are already familiar to our audience, and TRN has a continuing track record of success for our station. This type of program is needed on radio. It looks like Talk Radio Network has another winner,” says Benji Carle, General Manager, WBCF, Florence, AL.

“I took America’s Morning News because…it’s a perfect fit for our station. We need a strong morning news presence and this show will be a great way for us to establish that while still keeping an eye on our bottom line. America’s Morning News fills a big void in morning radio. There’s really nothing else like it. TRN has hit a home run with this show,” says Tom Norris, Owner and General Manager, KIOL, Pittsburgh, KS.

Melanie Morgan mco anchor for America’s Morning News has spent 33 years working for ABC TV and Radio, assigned to cover international hotspots, for which she has earned a reputation as a fearless journalist who faced many challenges, often in dangerous war time situations. For nearly 15 years, Morgan hosted a daily four-hour morning radio program on ABC’s flagship station KSFO, San Francisco, the #1 AM radio market in the country (4th largest rated market overall). Morgan is also a frequent on-air contributor on the Fox News Channel.

John McCaslin also co anchor for America’s Morning News was news director and anchor for Bee Broadcasting, Inc., where for two years he co-hosted the top-rated morning-drive radio show for KJJR-AM and KBBZ-FM. He has appeared on virtually every major television and radio network — from MSNBC’s “Hardball” with Chris Matthews to National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition Sunday,” even VH1 — offering insights in the nation’s capital and its ever-changing cast of political characters. He has also anchored a weekly news segment on ABC-7 News in Washington, D.C.

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