Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley Appears First On America’s Morning News

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Washington, D.C. – Sir Ben Kingsley, an Academy Award Winner and two-time Golden Globe winning actor appeared first on-air with America’s Morning News (AMN) promoting “The Power of Film and the Holocaust,” an evening event at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. where he discussed the challenge of roles he’s played that dealt with the holocaust. America’s Morning News, the nationally syndicated morning-drive radio show collaboration between Talk Radio Network Entertainment and The Washington Times, is the leading source for breaking news coverage on the radio, now airing on over 105 affiliates nationwide 13 of which are in the top 30 metro markets.

Kingsley most famously played the Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern in Schindler’s List and also took on the roles of Simon Wiesenthal in Murderers Among Us: The Simon Wiesenthal Story and Otto Frank in Anne Frank: The Whole Story. Kingsley also starred in films such as; Gandhi, Bugsy, Sneakers, Death and The Maiden, Sexy Beast, and Shutter Island.

Ben Kingsley talked with AMN’s co-anchors, Amy Holmes and John McCaslin, who touched on a variety of topics on-air including; Kingsley’s trip to D.C. and security measures, The Academy Awards and his career, The King’s Speech and his meeting with Sir Elton John at the awards show. Co-anchor, Amy Holmes mentioned the Sexy Beast and how the character and role were so different from other parts Kingsley has played. During the segment Kingsley also spoke about the situation in the Middle East, his acting roles in Holocaust period movies, and provided advice on how to become a successful actor by becoming a story teller not a celebrity.

AMN’s co-anchor, Amy Holmes, then inquires with Kingsley regarding actor Charlie Sheen’s recent setbacks and asks if he knew the actor personally. Responding to Holmes inquiry, Kingsley says, “We all have our demons, we all struggle with them.” He continues by saying, “I have not watched Mr. Sheen’s struggle, to me, it’s like looking through a peephole, it’s too personal, too private.”

Kingsley then provides some advice to all those in his profession by saying, “And my only theory is that if a young actor is trained in theater and if a young actor fully understands his or her role as a story teller in society rather than a celebrity, they’d be much more grounded. I think that a lot lies in delusion, and life not being able to live up to the expectations that the delusions tell you ought to live up to.”

AMN, co-anchored by John McCaslin and Amy Holmes, has quickly become a source for major breaking news and interviews. Big name guests from around the country are often featured on the show, as well as interviews with the news-breakers themselves.

Mark Masters, CEO of Talk Radio Network Entertainment says, “America’s Morning News is the direct result of a close relationship with Talk Radio Network Entertainment, The Washington Times and all of our valued syndication partners. He continues by saying, “Working together, we’ve developed the next generation talk radio program that is rapidly gaining national audience share with over 100 affiliates secured to date. Our collaboration with The Washington Times has positioned America’s Morning News for an audience hungry for this unique and innovative blend of content.”

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