Year: 2011

Academy Award Winner Ben Kingsley Appears First On America’s Morning News

Sir Ben Kingsley, an Academy Award Winner and two-time Golden Globe winning actor appeared first on-air with America’s Morning News (AMN) promoting “The Power of Film and the Holocaust,” an evening event at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. where he discussed the challenge of roles he’s played that dealt with the holocaust. America’s Morning News, the nationally syndicated morning-drive radio show collaboration between Talk Radio Network Entertainment and The Washington Times, is the leading source for breaking news coverage on the radio, now airing on over 105 affiliates nationwide 13 of which are in the top 30 metro markets.

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Senator Scott Brown on Lindsay Lohan

The following interview with John McCaslin and Amy Holmes of America’s Morning News was picked up by Huffington Post, Atlantic Monthly, USA Today, and even Sean Hannity. Senator Scott Brown is the republican from Massachusetts who shocked the world when he replaced the late Ted Kennedy.

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Mid-East Expert and Journalist Claire Berlinksi Explains on AMN Why Everyone Should Care About Egypt

Talk Radio Network Entertainment and The Washington Times’ America’s Morning News in its daily news coverage of world events continues to deliver the most engaging and insightful guests. With over 100 stations and on in 13 of the top 30 markets, AMN is the fastest growing syndicated long-form radio news programming in the U.S.

Co-Anchors John McCaslin and Amy Holmes recently interviewed Mid-East expert and journalist Claire Berlinksi for her perspective on Egypt.

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