Year: 2009

America’s Morning News is Now Live on KFWB, Los Angeles; KSFO, San Francisco, and WTNT, Washington D.C. and More Stations Across the Nation

Talk Radio Network Entertainment’s America’s Morning News is now heard live in major metro markets including: KFWB, Los Angeles; KSFO, San Francisco; WTNT, Washington, D.C.; KTTH, Seattle; KFMB, San Diego; WMGG, Tampa and many others across the country. America’s Morning News a nationally syndicated, morning-drive radio show in partnership with The Washington Times is now heard on over forty affiliates nationwide.

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America’s Morning News Breaks Vital News Stories Live While Charter Affiliates Applaud The Show’s Success

Talk Radio Network Entertainment’s America’s Morning News, talk radio’s leading source for breaking news, continued to break big stories on the show on a near-daily basis this month. America’s Morning News is a new nationally syndicated, morning-drive radio news show in association with The Washington Times featuring Long-Time ABC San Francisco Morning Drive Anchor Melanie Morgan and Award-Winning Columnist and Co-Anchor John McCaslin. Major news organizations across the nation are picking up the reports America’s Morning News is breaking.

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